A Lifetime of Community Impact

With a passion for philanthropy, it was Edward M. Dowd’s final wish to leave a lasting mark on his community. After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 1993, Ed Dowd began searching for ways to make a bigger influence in the communities of Salinas and Santa Clara, California.

The Edward M. Dowd Foundation honors his legacy by continuing the noble work he started. With the aim to create a lasting impact on the community, the foundation funds programs that support arts and education, health and human services, and honoring veterans.

Our Areas of Focus

Education & Arts

As an Air Force veteran and college graduate, Edward M. Dowd encouraged and supported those who wished to better themselves. Being an avid art lover, Ed Dowd also greatly appreciated the humanities. The Edward M. Dowd Foundation supports Education & Arts through funding programs, scholarships, professorships, and more.

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Health And Human Services

After being diagnosed with MS, Edward M. Dowd became an advocate for those with MS who did not have the resources to receive the necessary medical care. Also the son of a nurse, the healthcare industry was an important philanthropic focus throughout Ed Dowd’s life. Learn more about how The Edward M. Dowd Foundation supports Health & Human Services within the Salinas and Santa Clara communities.

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Honoring Veterans

After graduating high school, Ed Dowd served in the United States Air Force from 1965-1969. His travels with the military took him to Texas, Florida, Korea, and the Philippines, and taught him the importance of discipline at an early age. In fact, he credits his military experience with shaping all that came after in his life. To honor his service, the Edward M. Dowd Foundation funds programs that support and commemorate veterans.

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Together, We Can Make an Enduring Impact

The Edward M. Dowd Foundation is looking to partner with organizations in Salinas and Santa Clara committed to helping our communities thrive. By working together, we can support more programs in the area dedicated to arts and education, health and human services, veteran support, and community development. Let’s make a long-lasting impact together.

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